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MSc in Sports Industry Management: Student Profile

Hear what Nathan C. has to say about his experience of the MSc in Sports Indusrty Management:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself (academic background, area of study, where you’re from etc.)
Coming from Clermont-Ferrand, I did a bachelor degree in my home town, 2 years in France and one year abroad, specialised in International Business. I decided to spend my 3rd year in Scotland, which was one of the best experiences of my life. After my bachelor, I decided to apply for the MSc in Sport Industry Management at EMLYON, in order to specialise in the sport industry. The aim was to combine the knowledge gained during my bachelor with a sport expertise in order to fulfil one of my dreams: work in the marketing service of a football business unit.

What were the highlights of your experience in the MSc in Sports Industry Management?
First of all, the programme in itself with all of the testimonials, professors and company visits was really interesting. One thing I remember is that students enjoyed the programme because all sports, sectors and companies were represented: the outdoor sports passionates were delighted in Annecy, football fans really appreciated the interview of Chelsea FC Financial Director as well as the Olympique Lyonnais and Babolat Company visits. This amazing blend was illustrated by ISPO Munich (The biggest sports trade show in the world), in February, where we all met specific managers and companies from all kind of sports sector.

Where are you currently working and how did you find your Internship?
I am currently working in the marketing service of the Olympique Lyonnais. I am in charge of several projects regarding the Parc Olympique Lyonnais (New stadium, which opened in January 2016), such as the improvement of a 360° customer experience or the Allée des Lumières. This project consists in the creation and commercialization of a "fan wall" , exclusively B2C, where people can customize their own plates, visible on the walls of the main alley of the stadium. I found my internship thanks to the Olympique Lyonnais' company visit last year, where I had the chance to meet Vincent-Baptiste Closon, the former Marketing Director. After an interview, Mr Closon gave me the opportunity to join the marketing team from in August 2015.

Has the MSc in Sports Industry Management help you get where you are professionally? And if so, how?
The MSc In Sports Industry Management has been key for me: As I said previously, it has permitted me to meet new people, develop my network in this industry and, find my current internship. The opportunities to meet such a wide range of people, with different career paths, backgrounds is really interesting and is one of the most important assets while studying. More than simple lectures, the biggest strength of the program is the close relation to the professional world, either in France or in China.

What advice would you give to the future students of the MSc in Sports Industry Management?
The first advice I would give to future students is to capitalise on the professional meetings throughout the year. Even if the program is really exciting and studying in the Alps and Shanghai is a great opportunity, each student has to take the opportunity to meet various people from different sport industries. Exchanging with people, meeting new profiles, discussing about managers' experiences has been key for me. If you are dreaming about working in this specific industry, this program gives you all the keys.

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