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MSc in Sports Industry Management: Student Profile

Hear what what Yassin Malguitou has to say about his experience of the MSc in Sports Industry Management.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Munich. I grew up between two cultures, the German and Moroccan one due to my mixed background. In my Bachelor’s degree I studied Technology Management at the TUM with a Major in Marketing & Strategy and a minor in Electrical Engineering. During my studies I always interned in big companies such as Audi, Airbus and Nike. Moreover, I worked in a marketing agency. Besides all this I started a collective crew around streetstyle, music and events called Solemafia, which I still run today. We organise hip-hop focused events in Germany and are always looking for new challenge.

 What was your business project when you were in Shanghai? 
The project was in collaboration with Sportsmaster focusing on their private labels. The mission centered around boosting the sales and in-store assortment of the private label products .

Where are you currently working? How did you find your first job?
I started right away with a first job at Amazon. It was always my aim to start working directly after my Master’s as I already did many internships. I approached all the different companies on my own and applied via their websites. I reached the final interview stages at several companies and I was lucky to be able to choose between various offers, I opted for Amazon in the end.

Did you always want to work in the sports industry and what captivated you the most in this industry?
I was always passionate about the textile and sports industry due to the fact that I am a massive sneakerhead. I am very passionate about sneakers and also collect them. I own several dozen pairs. My passion finally brought me to Nike and to the MSc in Sports Industry Management at emlyon business school.

Finally, what did you like the most about the programme and what advice would you give to future students of the MSc in Sports Industry Management?
I really enjoyed the company of my fellow students who were all very passionate about certain aspects of the sports industry. As far as advice goes I would recommend to intern in a company from the sports industry prior to doing the programme as the industry insights and vibe are highly beneficial during the studies.

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