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Back to News 08/10/2014

MSc in Sports Industry Management: Visit of Salomon and presentation of Amer Sports on Orientation Day 3!

On Friday September 12th , the students of the MSc in Sports Industry Management had the opportunity to visit Salomon’s factory located in the outskirts of Annecy.

The students visited three workshops within the Salomon factory: the ski boots design and assembly lines, the Salomon shoe factory, and the ski development and production workshop.  Each workshop supervisor gathered the students around the different machines and products to explain how ski and outdoor equipment are developed.

After their two hour tour of the Salomon workshops, the students attended a presentation given by Pascal Clausse, Vice President Global Retail at Amer Sports.  

The first brand to join the Amer Sports portfolio was Wilson in 1989. Soon after Atomic, Salomon, Precror, Suunto and Nikita were bought by Amer Sports. From sports instruments, fitness equipment and footwear to cycling, women apparel, golf and winter hard goods, Amer Sports brands create a wide portfolio of sporting goods.

His presentation continued with an overview of how Amer Sports operates today by discussing key figures on sales, investment growths, business models, brand development strategies and scale synergies. Amer Sports is a global brand present in 34 different countries across the world and shares values of “Determination to Win, Team Spirit, Fair Play and Innovation”.  Today Amer Sports is a key player in the sports industry and aims to grow even bigger in the years to come by improving the quality of its products, continue to reach out to the right consumer segments and challenge new markets.

During their second semester in The Alps, the students will benefit from Pascal Clausse’s expertise in B to C during a module dedicated to the topic. Among other courses, the students will learn about the history, impact and future of digital retail, benchmark strategies and key markets, e-commerce players, marketing, merchandising, e-tailing and consumer services. They will also have a presentation dedicated to the Salomon brand and benefit from a retail tour in Chamonix!

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