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Study in Asia, A Key Market For The Industry

In the MSc in Sports Industry Management you will spend 3 months on emlyon business school’s Shanghai Campus, a key element of the programme and your future success.

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Why a Business Project in Asia?

Asia is a crucial region for the global sports industry for more than one reason. As a manager in a company that does business in this market, regardless of the sub-activity in which your future employer operates, you will without a doubt be selling to, supplying from and competing with companies from Asia.  

Markets like Japan, Korea and China are not only significant for the large number of potential consumers and thus revenues they represent, but are very often also home to many of the manufacturers that are used to produce the very sports and outdoor goods that are being sold. In addition, local brands are becoming serious players on the global market, and currently represent serious competition for any brand wishing to enter or that is already doing business in this market and others around the world.

Not only do countries in Asia represent a consumer and manufacturer force to reckon with, but in your future career as manager, you are very likely to work with, for or employ Asian individuals in the different organisations that you will work for. This requires intercultural skills as well as a certain working knowledge of the customs involved in doing business in this region.

A Business Project To Provide You With Practical Experience

Combining academic knowledge with practical, real-life business challenges is key to the future success of our students. Therefore, the Shanghai-based ‘Asian Business Environment’ module includes projects for a sponsor company. This is a key module of the Shanghai experience and students will work for a company in China on a real project.

Working on these business projects in China will help students:

  • Gain first-hand experience of turning an idea into a tangible project – while benefiting from the comfort of a supporting structure,
  • Learn intercultural skills, navigate different business and cultural environments,
  • Build a network.

Supermodelfit, Asics, Petzl, Natural Cycle, Decathlon, EDM Publications, Fred & Farid Shanghai, Oakley, Puma, Salomon, Reusch, SGI Europe, Sport Master, Under Armour are among the international companies students have had the opoprtunity to work with as part of these In-company Projects.

The missions students have worked on in the past include:
* Market analysis: swot analysis, evaluation of similar products coming from competitors, product display analysis
* Consumer behavior: examining the Chinese market in different sports segments
* Benchmarks of current competitors, both national and international 
* Market penetration in China
* Mapping of organizations, labs, study groups, sport nutrition authorities, universities who have made studies on sports nutrition. 
* Mapping of Shanghai running / cycling / gym & cross-fit (and other sports if necessary) clubs and communities.

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