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The Curriculum

Taking place in Europe and Asia, the programme is structured for you to discover key business environments. You will develop a broad view of the global sports industry in Paris and Shanghai, acquire the necessary specialist knowledge in a hands-on intercultural setting, meet top industry players and experience the sports industry in other business environments with field trips to London, Munich and the French Alps.

Learn how to innovate and master the future trends of the sports industry in Paris, France

To distinguish yourself in the sports industry, you’ll need to be creative and ensure you have the necessary resourcefulness to stay one step ahead of the competition. To help you achieve this goal, you will be benefit from emlyon business school’s innovative and entrepreneurial early maker pedagogy while studying on the school’s Paris campus.

This pedagogy is meant to help you develop the capacity to identify opportunities within multiple markets, to create new combinations of services for a diverse group of customers, and to turn them into tangible value through action and experimentation. Through industry-specific classes, business projects applied to the sports industry and simulation games, you will learn how to deconstruct ideas and answer questions like “what could destroy my business?” or “how can I benefit from uberisation?” Working with mentors and your classmates on these projects will foster collaboration and peer review.

Paris being the number one spot to catch the latest social trends, you will attend courses related to Design Thinking, Digitalization and Lifestyle trends. 

You will also benefit from core courses of management in Paris helping you acquire the fundamentals of international management as they apply to the sports industry which forms the basis of your future profession.

"The emphasis on Entrepreneurship, upon which emlyon business school was founded, helped us gain knowledge on implementation of business ideas and start-ups. An introduction to the History, Business and Economics of Sport helped us develop a clear understanding about different demographic and cultural aspects of the sports industry. Furthermore, this experience was enriched by a global perspective rooted in the different cultural backgrounds of the class." - Kranthi Musunuru, MSc in Sports Industry Management graduate, Sports & Management Consultant, New Delhi, India

Examples of courses in Paris:

Fundamental management courses include: Design thinking | Fast track project | Market Intelligence Prospective | Big data | Blue Ocean | Business models and business plan | Negotiation |Entrepreneurship

Sports-industry specific courses include: Sports history & sociology | Sports economics | Geodemographics in sports | Law  | Entrepreneurship in sports | B2C Tool Box | Sports marketing & sponsorship |Consumer lifestyle| Branding and marketing | Business game : Olympics and sustainability

Develop specialist knowledge and experiment with field trips in Europe

To fully immerse yourself in the multi-cultural reality of the sports industry, you will benefit from field trips to London (UK), Munich (Germany) and the French Alps (Annecy and Chamonix) during your first semester. While London and the UK in general is an ideal place to get a sense of a booming sports economy thanks to recent world-class events, Munich is home to international sports trade show ISPO where you will learn about the latest innovations in the sector. You will also visit one of the world's leading sporting goods manufacturers in Nuremberg, Germany. Located at the heart of the French Alps, the third field trip, taking place in Annecy and Chamonix and organized in collaboration with programme partner Outdoor Sports Valley, will be the perfect setting for you to learn about the challenges of the outdoor sector. While in Chamonix, you will also benefit from a special hands-on management module to build on your leadership skills and develop team spirit. May it be through presentations, workshops or company visits, the knowledge and experience you'll gain during these field trips will help you acquire essential assets to meet the needs of future recruiters and build a solid professional network.

Get ready for tomorrow’s challenges in Asia

Asia plays a key role in the sports industry as it is one of the largest sporting goods market in the world with significant market growth potential and endless development opportunities for both local and global companies. As a future leader of the industry who will most likely be working with Asian markets, you’ll need to develop a truly global perception of this business environment. Providing you with first-hand perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of the sports industry in Asia thanks to specific courses, consulting projects, and a variety of meetings with experts, your time in Asia will make you stand out to recruiters in the sports industry job market.
 Courses in Shanghai include: Sourcing, manufacturing & supply chain | Market, marketing & retail specificities in Asia  | Environment issues & social responsibility  |Cross-cultural communication & negociation

Build practical experience throughout the program

Putting your newly acquired academic knowledge into practice is key to your future career as it will allow you to enter your internship or first job with solid experience. This is why you will get several opportunities, in both Europe and Asia, to build your professional skills through business cases with companies where you will act as Consultants. Companies involved in the development of these business cases include:
- Nike
- Sport Plus Conseil with The All Star Game
- Lagardère Sport
- Saint Raphael Handball Club

You will also work on an In-Company project while studying in Shanghai and attend many meetings and workshops with sports industry professionals throughout the programme.

 Blog article: discover more about the latest in-company project students worked on with Nike!

“Learning more about the sports market through our Nike project was a great experience. Our success was made possible due to our good group dynamic and our knowledgeable and helpful Nike mentor.” Kim, MSc in Sports Industry Management student

Benefit from the expertise of industry professionals


You will complement your learnings with meetings with sports industry experts giving you the opportunity to learn about the current issues affecting large sports retail groups, understand how successful brands navigate new market opportunities and build your professional network.

From attending courses given by high-end representatives of the industry like the Vice President Global Retail of Amer Sports, the CEO of Intersport, GM of Patagonia, brand director of Adidas, sales director of SFR Sport, foundation director of Decathlon and the Marketing Director of Columbia Europe to benefitting from lectures and expert panels given by sports company founders, board members of sports organizations or professors specialized in different fields of the industry, you will receive valuable insights and career advice from professionals that will help you jump-start your career in the sports industry.

Past cohorts have met with industry leaders like the Territory Sales Director for Nike France, Financial Director of the Chelsea football club, the Senior Marketing Director of Lagardère Sports, the Marketing Director of the Paris Saint-Germain football club etc.

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« In my opinion, the real added-value is that most of our professors and speakers were professional experts who came to talk with passion about their career in the sports industry. Mr Pascal Clausse from Salomon, for example, gave us advanced courses on channel distributions and Mr. Jean-Luc Diard, an entrepreneur and former CEO of Salomon, taught us about product design. This program was for me the most precious learning experience.” - Adrien Peignault, program graduate, Class of 2013-2015

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