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An International Experience Beyond Studying Abroad

More than ever, global sports organisations need experienced managers and business developers to navigate the constant and rapid waves of innovation and ever-changing customer needs in order to develop new growth opportunities. The MSc in Sports Industry Management responds to this need by offering you a true multi-campus, multi-national experience and preparing you to successfully start your career in the sports industry.

Mastering the Basics and Initiation to the Future Trends of the Industry in Paris, France

Known internationally as the cornerstone of culture, literature, arts and design, Paris is also home to many showrooms and flagship stores of key players including Nike, adidas, Intersport, New Balance, Lacoste, H&M Sportswear etc. The capital city is also at the forefront of the industry when it comes to sports governance asmany institutions such as the French Olympic Committee, the French Rugby League or the French Football Federation are located in Paris. World-renowned sports media brands such as beIN Sports, Canal + and Eurosport also hold headquarters in the city. Furthermore, already recognised as a worldwide leader in intellectual capital and innovation, and a popular host city for many international sporting events such as the French Tennis Open or world championships for athletics, the city of Paris now also aims to lead the way in terms of sporting innovation with initiatives including the creation of the world’s first incubator devoted to innovative sporting products and solutions. Furthermore many initiatives and new think tanks linked to Paris’ bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games have recently flourished across the city. 

As such, Paris provides you with the perfect learning environment to acquire a broad overview of the sports market and trends by taking the basics of general management and the programme’s initial level of specialisation courses. During the first few months of the programme you will learn about the fundamentals of management as they apply to the sports industry while experiencing first-hand what it means to bepart of this highly-coveted sector with company visits, lectures given by professional experts etc. Among others, you will have the opportunity to visit and learn from some of the biggest players in sports governance such as members of the Paris-Saint-Germain Football club or the National Sports Institute (INSEP). Paris being the number one spot to catch the latest social trends, you will also have courses related to Design Thinking, Digitalization and Lifestyle trends. Finally to successfully navigate the variety of business models that make the sports industry so unique you’ll also need entrepreneurial skills which emlyon business school is known to provide.


Develop Specialist Knowledge with Industry Experts through Field Trips

Thanks to field trips to London (UK), Munich (Germany) and the French Alps (Annecy and Chamonix located in eastern France), you will discover prominent sports business environments and meet many industry experts who will provide you with the professional outlook and expertise you need to succeed in this market.


First field trip: London, UK


The legacy of world-class events including major sports events like the London Olympics or the Rugby World Cup still resonate in the UK’s sports economy as they acted as major boosts. Ranking among the top mainstream activities in the nation’s economy today with major sports fans of cycling, football and rugby, the sports industry is taking a stand and therefore becoming very attractive to future industry leaders such as yourself.


Second field trip: Munich, Germany

Every year Munich hosts world-renowned international sports trade show ISPO welcoming about 2 700 exhibitors eager to present the latest sports technology and products to approximately 80 000 visitors from 110 countries. Acting as the pioneer destination for this  leader, every year Munich transforms itself into a global platform for the industry, driving innovation and hosting exciting events. That is exactly why it’s important for you to travel to Munich for your second field trip. Not only will you have the great opportunity to attend ISPO and be at the heart of the sports industry for a few days, you will also visit one of the world’s leading sporting goods manufacturers in Nuremberg, Germany.

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Third field trip: the French Alps

The French Alps is the main hub of the outdoor sports industry in Europe today. The region is an exceptional place to be for sports passionates and industry companies, hosting more than 300 sports brands. During your time in the French Alps you will work with Outdoor Sports Valley, whose members will provide you with privileged access to their network and bring you important insights as to what working in the sports industry is all about through lectures, conferences etc.

Annecy and Chamonix, the two cities you will visit during this field trip which are quite close to one another, will offer you the opportunity to practice a wide range of sports (mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing, trail running, hiking, etc.) and provide you with a precise outlook as to what the outdoor sector entails.

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Get Ready for Tomorrow’s challenges in Asia

Asia plays a key role in the sports industry as it is one of the largest sporting goods market in the world with significant market growth potential and endless development opportunities for both local and global companies. As a future leader of the industry who will most likely be working with Asian markets, you’ll need to develop a truly global perception of this business environment. Providing you with firsthand perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of the sports industry in Asia thanks to specific courses, consulting projects, and a variety of meetings with experts, your time in Asia will make you stand out to recruiters in the sports industry job market.

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Build Practical Experience in all three locations

Putting your newly acquire academic knowledge into practice is key to your future career as it will allow you to enter your internship or first job with solid experience. This is why you will get several opportunities, in both France and Asia, to build your professional skills through case studies, an In-Company project while studying in Shanghai, meetings and workshops with sports industry professionals.

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