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Shanghai experience of Antoine M. MSc in Sports Industry Mananagement's student

What would you say about your semester in Shanghai?
For me the semester in Shanghai was the most exciting one. First regarding the courses where, like in Annecy we had a lot of guest speakers that were very interesting and relevant for the industry. I also think that having some general courses on how to do business in China is a plus for us and that we will be able to sell these skills to potential recruiters. Furthermore I really appreciated my ICP project, it enabled me to really learn about how to do business in the sports industry in China and we learned a lot about Chinese consumers.

Finally on the cultural side I really liked Shanghai and China. I had the chance to travel, to create new experiences and discover a very rich culture.

What has been your favorite course so far in Shanghai?
Generally speaking the marketing courses with Mr Bruzzone was interesting, but my favorite one was the supplier relations courses. I think it’s very important to learn about this topic and we got a really complete overview of it.

Which In-Company Project have you been working on? Were you able to apply the theory learnt in class in this more practical environment?
I was working with Salomon, to help them understand the expectations and specificities of Chinese trail running market. During this project the things that helped me the most from the programme were the SGI publications, the analysis of the retail environment and the brand management in China. So yes, I think the theoretical part was really relevant for this kind of project.

Have you found your internship? Where are you currently doing your internships and how did you find this internship? Your feedback on your first days in the company?
I found my internship while I was in Shanghai. I am currently an intern at adidas in the football unit. I found my internship thanks to the career website of the company. I am really happy of my internship. I think I am really lucky to work in a company like adidas and that I will learn a lot here.

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