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Shanghai experience of Thomas C. MSc in Sports Industry Mananagement's student

I really enjoyed the third part of the programme in Shanghai, because it allowed us to have a concrete learning experience of Asian business environment. Obviously, it was really interesting to discover the Chinese culture in the daily life, and we also had great courses, dealing with general lessons (Asian demography, Asian economy, Asian way to do business...) and other courses specialized in sports (still in the Asian environment).

It is really important for us to be aware of these issues for our future, and it was really interesting to see how companies lead their activity in China and in Asia. It is definitely something which is going to be very useful for our career, as China and Asia are at the heart of the development of businesses in general, and especially for sports companies.

On top of that, we had the great opportunity to do an in-company project (ICP). Personally, I worked for Puma, and we had the chance to go to the headquarters on a weekly basis, in order to prepare a project which could really help the company. This mission was one of the key points of this semester, as it has a great added value compared to our daily courses (talking directly with professionals, and understanding the concrete cases they have to deal with). We had the feeling that we took part in the company's activity, and that our work was really going to help Puma adapt its strategy. All in all, it was an exciting mission, which was complementary to the theorical lessons we had (sports marketing, strategy, retail...).

After this great experience, I joined the French Professional Football League (LFP) as an intern. I found this internship by myself, by answering a job offer. However, I’m sure that my background and the MSc in Sports Industry Management helped me find this internship. The theorical work that we did during the academic year is helping me in my daily activities.

I really enjoyed this programme, with theorical and practical learnings (with the ICP and the internship) which are really helpful to start a career in the sports market.

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