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When the MSc in Sports Industry Management students meet the CEO of Intersport IIC

As part of the current quarter in Annecy and the 60 hour course on Retail, the students in the MSc in Sports Industry Management had the opportunity and pleasure to meet Franz Julen, the current CEO of Intersport IIC.
This athlete and entrepreneur presented Intersport's strategy last Wednesday as well as his own personal background and career path. The two hour session concluded with an enlightening discussion with the 17 students regarding the history and operations of the company.
OSV would like to sincerely thank Franz Julen for his presentation and availability, and would also like to thank Pascal Clausse, Vice-President Global Retail Amer Sports, who oversaw the Retail curriculum, as well as all of the guest lecturers who took the time to share their passion and experience: Eugenio Di Maria - EDM Publications, Thomas Rouault - Snowleader.com , Anne Sophie Barrellon - Amer Sports, Ben Aidan – Salomon, Christophe Anjolas - Les Marchands, Thierry Verdejo – Oakley, Judith Clausse - Consultant.

This programme gives a unique  opportunity to our students to be in touch with the professionals of the industry!

Source: OSV - http://www.outdoorsportsvalley.org

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