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Tuition Fees for the 2018 intake

  • 24,000 euros 

Pricing is for the 2018 intake. All indicated fees include tuition, enrolment fees and lifelong membership of emlyon business school forever alumni network.

Application fees: €120

Up to 60% Guaranteed Scholarships from emlyon business school

As a socially responsible organisation,emlyon business school helps students finance their MSc in Sports Industry Management by offering guaranteed scholarships between 10% and 60% to qualifying students. If you are eligible for one of these scholarships, you will not be required to make a specific financial aid request – you will simply need to download the qualification certificate and attach it to your application.


Applying for a Scholarship

emlyon business school is committed to investing in tomorrow’s entrepreneurial leaders by helping qualified students to further their education. Reductions in tuition fees can be offered through needs-based scholarships and may, in certain cases, be granted in addition to guaranteed scholarships.

  • To find out how to apply for an individual scholarship, register on our site create your Personal Space or log into your emlyon business school Dashboard. 
  • Campus France: discover more scholarship options available depending on your country of residence here

Breaking news

Non-French applicants for the MSc in Sports Industry Management are now eligible to apply for a student loan from Prodigy Finance.  
Learn more on how to apply for the Prodigy Finance loan (please scroll down the page to read about the benefits and conditions).

Cost of living : Preparing your budget

Monthly Budget in Paris: example

Total expenses in a month: around €1,300

Monthly Budget in Shanghai: example

Total expenses in a month: 6,500RMB (around €700)



Please note:

  • more information regarding the budget needed and the different costs you'll need to take into account will be provided once you start the online application.
  • these are tentative budgets which may be subject to change depending on the type of accommodation you find, the transport card you buy etc.
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