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Back to News 05/11/2010

2010 edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum and announcement of a new Founding Member

The 3rd edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum — the first global think tank dedicated to entrepreneurs, creators of wealth and social justice, with over 110 members of 55 different countries —started on November 3rd in Lyon. The Forum gathers a global community of entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, politicians and experts who share a similar vision: not only to create economic wealth, but also welfare and social justice for future generations. The members of the Forum have converged in Lyon are all determined to reinvent, and positively shape the world of 2050.

Patrick Molle, Director of EMLYON Business School, and co-founder of the World Entrepreneurship Forum has launched the conferences of the World Entrepreneurship Forum with a speech during which he encouraged the members of the Forum to produce concrete contributions to improve the process of creation of wealth, welfare and social justice by 2050. He underlined the 3 key challenges which entrepreneurs can have an impact on in the future: the world needs to create many jobs, but jobs which won’t destroy the natural and human resources to the same extent as the past 50 years; the world needs to reinvent itself with man, not profit, at the centre of its preoccupations; the world needs a new development model which reconciles the creation of wealth with social justice. 

He clearly stated the ambition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum to transform from a “community of entrepreneurs in the world, to an entrepreneurial world community”.

Sir Fazle H. Abed — founder of Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC), a pioneering Bangladeshi social enterprise, and 2009 awardee of the Entrepreneurs for the World Award in the Social Entrepreneur category — talked about the challenges in solving global poverty and how revolutionary business approaches need to be implemented; he stressed the importance of regarding the poor as business partners and innovators, who can and must actively participate in common development.

Professors Alain Fayolle and Zoltan J. Acs — both educational leaders in entrepreneurship at EMLYON Business School and George Mason University respectively — spoke about current and prospective entrepreneurial education in OECD countries, and how future cities can play a key role in social development through the support of entrepreneurial networks and environments.

Mr. Elmar Mock — co-inventor of Swatch and founder of Creaholic — spoke about his passion for inventive entrepreneurial thinking, and how creativity must be preserved in the later stages of educational processes. 

During the "Entrepreneurs for the World" Award Ceremony, Mr. Yves-Henri Robillard, Director of the World Entrepreneurship Forum, announced a new founding member, alongside with EMLYON Business School and KPMG: Singaporean institutions Action Committee for Entrepreneurship, and Nanyang Technologycal University. He also announced that the 2011 edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum will be held in Singapore the first week of November 2011.


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