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Back to News 09/05/2012

Business Week features the Global Entrepreneurship Program: Getting Science ‘Geeks’ Into the Corner Office

Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management has teamed up with EMLYON Business School of Lyon, France and Zhejiang University of Hangzhou, China’s Global Entrepreneurship Program in order to develop the next generation of international entrepreneurs. The programme focuses on recruiting “pre-experienced” students so that the business mindset can be introduced into the development of new and expanding ideas from their earliest phases and on a global level.

Patrice Houdayer, Vice President of Graduate Programmes at EMLYON Business School, states that “new businesses used to have to move through a distinct series of growth steps—garage, local, national, and international. Now, thanks to the communications revolution, they can leapfrog these stages and go global more or less straightaway, but in doing so they can face a whole new set of problems and challenges. The programme plugs them into an international network of contacts, prepares them for dealing with contrasting cultures, and exposes them to the different ways that business is conducted around the globe.”

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