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Camille, current student of the MSc in International Hospitality Management talks about her favorite course

Camille Zebrit, current student of the MSc in International Hospitality Management has already a strong project in mind: build a sustainable luxury hotel. While following the program, she explains why one course in particular has stood out for her so far and has been very useful in helping her develop her idea. She shares her experience with us and why this course means so much to her.

“The course I have been looking forward to in the program is “Environmentalism and Ecotourism”. In my opinion, it is a great course as it contains a lot of information regarding sustainability and environmental protection. It is related to my future project which is building a fully sustainable luxury hotel.
I believe as future entrepreneurs, it is our duty to show today's world that it is possible (though not easy) to have a business without damaging our planet.

Our teacher, M. Legrand really emphasized on the fact that sustainability is expensive but that it will be beneficial to the business and to our planet in the long-term. This course is strongly linked with another course about Corporate Social Responsibility that we are currently following online.
I have learned during this course that we need to have a business, not only sustainable in our globalized world, but also to our future employees and community.

It is wonderful that people are realizing the importance of ecotourism, however it is also key to be aware of the responsibility that world leading companies have in this matter. It is important to realize the importance of politics and ethics especially in our current world and the positive impact companies could have on our planet.”

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