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Back to News 28/09/2017

Cassandra, current student of the European Triple Degree gets interviewed by “Universum Global” in Sweden

Cassandra Holden joined the MSc in Management – European Triple Degree – Grande Ecole, in September 2016. She comes from a French and American background and she has been living in France, Germany, USA and Norway.

She chose the European Triple Degree because the programme offered “diversity and excellence.”

She is currently finishing her first internship in Sweden and is about to start her specialisation year in October. 

Cassandra explains: “During my first year in the European Triple Degree I decided to pursue an internship in Stockholm at Gränges as a Digital Business Analyst. I found the internship through one of our second year teachers, Robert Demir- professor in Strategic Management at Lancaster University.” During her internship, she was contacted by the Swedish medium “Universum Global” to be featured in their yearly career guide called ”Modernt Ledarskap” (Modern Leadership).

She adds: “The purpose of the article was to gather the insights of young graduates and trainees in regards to modern leadership. As an early maker I was looking forward in giving my impressions of the Swedish leadership style and the company culture at Gränges." 

Congratulations to Cassandra for this great interview proving that the programme offers many wonderful international opportunities.

If you speak Swedish, please have a look at her article here!

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