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Back to News 13/02/2018

Get inside the visit of the KIP STADIUM by Decathlon with Chloé, current student of the MSc in Sports Industry Management

Chloé Ricaud, current student of the program gives us some insights about the visit of the KIP STADIUM by Decathlon. All students from the MSc in Sports Industry Management were able to get an exclusive look at this incredible sports center.

"In the continuity of our course about “mind shift and making our own choices”, we got the opportunity to go to the KIP STADIUM by Decathlon near Lille.

The first part of the trip was a visit of this amazing stadium that enables sport lovers to practice many different sports: soccer, basketball, handball, volley, hockey, baseball, dodgeball, beach volley etc. The stadium also has a locker room, a training space, a Decathlon store, and a space to relax and eat. The facility is huge and impressive and has everything sport lovers can dream of.

We then attended a conference with two important members of Decathlon. The first member has helped design the co-creation area of the KIP STADIUM, an innovative open space where products are created. He explained how he conceptualized every small detail to make this place the perfect place to work, but more importantly to create. Then, we got the opportunity to meet with the director of the Decathlon Foundation, a foundation I wasn’t aware of before. The Decathlon Foundation is a charity organization and they are involved in many projects worldwide to help develop equal access to sports for everyone. He told us about his professional experience before becoming the director of the foundation and explained that it was never too late to make the right choice and follow your passion and your heart.

At the end of the visit, I went home with a lot of new ideas for my future career inspired by the Decathlon Foundation."

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