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Back to News 17/11/2017

MSc in Sports Industry Management students dive into the British sports industry in London!

From October 30th to November 3rd, students from the MSc in Sports Industry Management were able to discover the British prominent sports business environment and meet many industry experts gaining a professional outlook and expertise required to succeed in this market.

Through a series of visits and conferences, students were exposed to various key concepts such as the role of culture in the development of sports, sports as a lifestyle market, sports as a source of emotional, social, cultural, practical and economic value, customer experience and influence of digital, diffusion and transformation of sport via globalization and medias, the impact of a mega sport event on the redesign of the city…

Romain and Chloe both took part in this Learning Trip as part of their programme. Find out more about their experiences below:

Romain Juncker:

This Learning trip was full of insights about the sport business industry. We attended some really powerful presentations from really awesome guys, with really amazing businesses!”
 One of the major presentations delivered during this trip was about the business of football through the example of Tottenham lead by Rebecca Caplehorn (Director of Football Operations at Spurs): “She introduced herself, her job, her career. She explained how she entered this business, what was her daily work like. She also talked more globally about the business of football in the UK and in the world. Several students were also asked to conduct an interview with her, which lead to a great interactive Q&A session.
We have learnt that football in the UK is really business oriented, more than everywhere in the world. If you want to work in the football industry, London is the place to be!  For me, the key insight of this lecture is what Rebecca said at the end of her presentation: If you really want to work in a specific field, take all the opportunities you can get. In other words, if you have the opportunity to enter the business you want, even if it’s not the job you wanted, go for it! The most difficult part is to enter this field. Then you can evolve!  “ 

Chloe Ricaud:

"Our trip to London was an amazing experience. We had the opportunity to meet with many professionals from the sports industry and learn from their experience. We had a real exchange with them and the opportunity to ask questions. During the trip, we also visited London from a sport perspective, especially during a game where we discovered the best and most innovative sport stores in London.
Our first conference was led by Chris Brady, director of the Centre for Sports Business but also a member of the League Managers’ Association’s (LMA) Leadership and Education Advisory Board. During his lecture, he told us more about the sport culture in the UK.  Throughout his presentation, we were able to understand how big the sport culture in the UK is, especially the culture around football: they have more than 100 professional football clubs, and competition is an important aspect of their sport culture.
he British sport culture is really interesting, because they excel in many sports and they give a lot of importance to their national teams, but also to the British athletes. Before this presentation, I had not completely realized how huge the sport industry was in the UK and all the sport potential that this country has to offer. Now that I understand how important the sport culture in the UK is, London becomes my number 1 destination for my internship next year. I would like to fully immerse myself in this amazing sport culture."

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