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Back to News 19/04/2018

Meet Elie, future student of the MSc in Management - European Triple Degree - Grande Ecole


  • Tell us a bit about your background: My name is Elie. I’m 20 years old. I’m currently studying international management for my university degree in technology in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, near Basel. I studied in France, during 2 years, in the University Institute of Technology - Paris Descartes, in Sales and Marketing. Now I’m focusing on international trade, corporate strategy and globalization issues. If I decided to study abroad, it’s because I have always been concerned by what was going on in our world, considering business, but also politics and international relations.  I find really rewarding to meet different cultures, work with people coming from everywhere in the world, to share your ideas and open your mind day after day. Cultural challenges are for me a real motivation considering my professional goals.

  • Why did you decide to join the programme? Once more, as I’m strongly interested in  international issues and as I want to start my career in a global company (I want to be a strategy consultant specialised in international development), I had to find a way to keep studying with people from different countries and to keep learning fully in English. In addition, the internships, plus the specialisation in corporate development or strategy and change, played a major role in my determination to join the programme.
  • What do you expect from the programme? I expect to get the best international business insights and skills  to reach my career objectives and live a fulfilling professional life. Given the structure of the programme I’m confident that I will get what I’m expecting from the MSc in Management - European Triple Degree - Grande Ecole. The mix of different cultures, the diversity of students’ profiles and the quality of the courses will give me the opportunity to surpass myself in my career. It will enable me to improve my capacity of thinking “global” by facing challenges during workshops and internships with international students or colleagues.
  • A few words to describe yourself: open-minded and ambitious!

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