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Meet Jonathan, future student of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing

Tell us a bit about your background

My name is Jonathan Marques da Fonseca and I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I used to be a lawyer. I graduated with a law degree with a specialization in corporate law. After my graduation, I started to work in M&A, brands protection and corporate contracts. I also have a post-graduation Degree in Corporate Law, a LLM Master of laws in Corporate Law and Capitals market and a Master’s Degree in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management.

Moving away from the law activity was not an easy decision but I was looking for another field of activity that could fulfill my passion about the luxury Industry. To make sure that I was making the right decision and before dropping out completely from my law career I went to New York to study for a few months at FIT (fashion Institute of Technology). There, I was able to learn about fashion and brand management and it gave me the strength to go back to Brazil with a clear understanding of where my future was and how to get there. Two years later, here I am, just a few weeks away from taking a new step in that direction.

Why did you decide to join the program?

I thought this program would be the perfect added-value to my academic education and the right way to successfully embrace my new professional journey.

Indeed, I have decided to make a triple change in my career: location, job and sector. I have already started this process by joining the program, with its highly praised reputation for excellence, it’s for me the most important step of this life-changing plan.  Considering the program’s organization – especially the fact that it will be offered in different major cities in the world, I really believe that I will be able to transform myself into a modern and innovative 21st century marketing executive, with leadership and concrete experience and an ability to join a company to contribute to its growth in a fast-changing environment.

What do you expect from the program?                                                 

1- I expect a real international experience studying in 3 main cities in the world, with international teachers and classmates. I want to learn DIVERSITY of thinking and working.

2- I expect a real luxury marketing experience, understanding how to work on pricing, distributing, e-commerce, commercial strategy, etc

3- I expect a good training for a first job’s experience after emlyon business school in the Luxury marketing area.

Three words to describe yourself.

Determined, ambitious and trusthworthy

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