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Meet Ludwig Dillman, current student of the MSc in Management - European Triple Degree - Grande Ecole

Ludwig Dillman is a first year student of the MSc in Management – European Triple Degree – Grande Ecole. His very international background and interest for internationalisation made him choose the European Triple Degree. He is currently completing his first internship and cannot wait to start his specialisation year in September. Discover more about his experience:

What are the highlights of your experience in the programme so far?
Honestly, it is very hard to come up with "highlights" as I've had a very rewarding experience so far.  First of all, the programme is particularly designed for people like me: people who have lived a very international lifestyle or have a deep interest in internationalisation and globalisation.  Never in my life have I been with such a rich group of people who are not only good students, but also "thinkers".  It fascinates me that I get to be around people that share my same goals and ambitions in life.  I have also enjoyed the courses very much and, in particular, the way the programme is structured.  I like the fact that it seems that we are always in a rush, whether it is preparing a full presentation from one day to the next or preparing for final exams every two weeks.  The fast-paced environment is designed to depict a real-life work scenario, and I appreciate that deeply.  One of the most important factors for me is most certainly the names and reputation of all the schools involved in the programme; top-notch education all around.

Tell us about your current internship.
For my first internship since the start of the European Triple Degree, I am working as a Junior Business Competitive Intelligence Consultant at Intelleco.  Intelleco is a French independent consultancy firm, located in Paris.  I have had the opportunity to work in missions involving big players such as L'Oreal, Solvay, ATEE, Bayer, and more.

Did you benefit from any career services?
Yes.  I really enjoyed attending all the emlyon business school Career Forums and ultimately, I got my first internship through the career services dedicated jobteaser website.

What will be your specialisation during your second year in the programme? Are you looking forward to starting new courses in a new location?
For my second year in the programme, I've chosen the “Strategy & Change” specialisation in LMU Munich.  As I am part German, I cannot wait to move to Munich and relieve some old memories in the city.  I have chosen “Strategy & Change” because I want to combine my engineering critical thinking with real life management situations. I think this specialisation will greatly benefit me when the time comes to start my own business.

What advice would you give to future students of the programme?
While the programme in itself is great, my biggest advice I could give to an upcoming student is to take full benefit from all the "invaluable assets" that the programme offers.  The European Triple Degree is the best gateway to exploring world cultures, different languages and different rationales.  A student that can effectively manage cross-cultural teams has a guaranteed path for success.

I could talk about the European Triple Degree and its benefits for hours.

Which key words would you associate with the European Triple Degree?

  • Possibilities
  • Connectivity
  • Entrepreneurship

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