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Meet Nouha, future student of the MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science

Tell us a bit about your background.
I was born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco. As any high school student who is faced with the painstaking decision to choose their paths, I decided to study and live in Australia, a country that I yearned to visit since I was a child. I earned my Bachelor of commerce degree with a double major in Management and Marketing at the University of Melbourne. I had the opportunity to study every facet of the commerce field and expose myself to law, political science, engineering, sociology and literature. As I grew passionate about marketing and its intricacies, I decided to pursue a Master of Marketing at the University of Western Australia. During my postgraduate experience, I had the chance to participate in an exchange program at Stanford University where I studied Technology and Innovation and immersed myself in everything that the Silicon Valley culture has to offer.

Why did you decide to join the program?
Technology is undeniably changing the field of marketing and I am eager to grasp this concept. I have chosen this program because I am passionate about digital marketing  and I am set on a career in this field, but more specifically because it gives an unprecedented look into both digital marketing and data science. I believe that having the opportunity to study these fields across three cities, Paris, Boston and Shanghai, will be a tremendously beneficial and eye-opening experience. I have also chosen this program because it includes an internship that can help me sharpen the knowledge acquired in the classroom.

What do you expect from the program? 
I expect from this program to guide us in understanding digital marketing and developing advanced analytical and process skills, in order to understand and make critical decisions about change, and develop strategies to address such changes. I expect that this program will provide me with the necessary skills to gain a competitive edge in the business world as well as learn how to develop, interpret, analyse and strategically forecast digital information and marketing data. Lastly, I am looking forward to the exposure of cutting edge digital marketing innovations that this program promises and the possibility of building a solid network made up of fellow students, alumni, professors and companies.

Three words to describe yourself.
Motivated, Conscientious, Flexible.       

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