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Back to News 22/02/2018

Students of the MSc in Sports Industry Management meet the inspiring chairman of Renault Sport

It was all about “inspiring” students on the Paris campus on Monday February 12th as Jerome Stoll, Chairman of Renault Sport visited the MSc in Sports Industry Management students. He shared his vision about sponsoring and the future of Formula One.

Two of the lucky students who attended this very special conference share their experience with us. Read their testimonials below:

Lucas PUEYO:

“The conference we had the chance to attend with Jérôme Stoll was great. I am a sport fan in general but I am definitely a Motorsport fan above all. I was very happy to attend such an interesting conference and consider myself lucky to have had the chance to meet someone as influent as Mr. Stoll. Moreover, being myself extremely interested in F1, I was happy to meet a very accessible person, willing to answer my questions. “


“I am passionate about all kinds of sport. And when I say sport, I mean sport in itself with its thrill and aesthetic. But I am also keen on learning everything about the industry and the organization that goes with it. From that specific point of view, being able to attend Jerome Stoll’s conference has enabled me to understand more than the basics of F1 but also understand how the business works. It also gave us the opportunity to know more about the relations between that specific industry and large car manufacturers. A man with so much experience and such a vision can only bring key lessons to the student that I am and to the sports lovers that we are. I was particularly interested in the build-up of the long-term strategy of Renault F1 that has enabled them to reach the heights of F1 at the beginning of the century. Moreover, Jerome Stoll’s propositions to make F1 more attractive were a good way to understand the massive stakes that all the actors of this industry are dealing with. From a more personal point of view, it reinforced my will to reach an even better understanding of the F1 industry, and maybe be able to work in this specific field.”

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