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What current students say about the MSc in Management - European Triple Degree - Grande Ecole

Hadrien: "The European Triple Degree track is by far one of the best experiences of my life. I am surrounded with talented and motivated people. I am thought by the best professors in their respective fields. I am immersed in a European global vision of management. Moreover, as a student, I really feel supported by the ETD administrative team - they facilitate everything. Finally, being at emlyon business school, I learn the early maker culture: I learn, unlearn, relearn."


Adrien: "The European Triple Degree Programme offers a stimulating academic and social experience. The quality of its teaching, its professional network, and the strength of its student life, was fundamental in helping me to decide what I want for my future professional career.
 The MSc in Management - European Triple Degree - Grande Ecole is designed to provide you with all the tools and connections you would need when creating a business. The programme connected me with professionals from all around the world. I acquire an incredible amount of knowledge and learned from the experiences of others how to achieve my life’s goals‌.
 I have gained a better understanding  of myself and the world of business. The exposure to industry experts, from different fields, and the  group-work in diverse, multi-national, teams strengthened my commitment  to seek an international career  where I could live and work abroad for a company that shares my values".


Xiaotai: "ETD programme is an amazing opportunity to experience the multi-national atmosphere, both academically and in daily life. Professors from the three schools are top scholars in their field and from around the world. Course syllabuses are carefully designed by professors and ETD administration team to make the best for students from different academic backgrounds, which is very interesting and meaningful. I got everything I have ever expected from a top business programme: perfect course, personalized career guidance, and friends from different cultures. This is one of the best chances to make acquaintance with and learn from smart minds!"


Tigran: "The true benefit behind the European Triple Degree track is the triple experience within a cohort of talented and motivated people. Throughout my studies I realized that, there is more on this track than I was expecting. The programme delivers three different educational systems from three diverse cultures and three different approaches to teaching and real-time practices. It is a triple challenge for my team playing skills, flexibility to uncertainties and analytical mindset.

The ETD track will reshape your character, make you unlearn the outdated information, relearn it and acknowledge the cultural difference. You will have a comfortable environment, professional support and necessary ambiance to absorb the European vision of future management practices."



Tom: "Taught by a range of international professors from three world class universities, I am constantly challenged and in turn find myself challenging theories, cases, and age-old beliefs. Surrounded by a truly international cohort, I interact with inspiring people who enrich my own life immensely. I look forward to specializing in Finance this fall, and graduating with my classmates in 2019 - in the belief that I have been prepared to the fullest to the challenges an international career in this day and age holds for young graduates."

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