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World Entrepreneurship Forum coming up: Together, let us build a future with no limits

The 7th edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum will take place from 19-22 October at Confluence, the eco-district that is home to innovative business. The theme: “Entrepreneurship 3:0 Unlimited Opportunities”

The aim of the World Entrepreneurship Forum is to provide entrepreneurial answers to the greatest questions of our time while promoting entrepreneurship around the globe and in all areas of life including the economic, social, cultural and political fields.The members of the forum (80% business and social entrepreneurs, 20 % political decision makers, experts and academics) have been selected based on their exemplary success and their contribution to society in their respective countries. On October 21st, in honour of its 30th anniversary, the EMLYON incubator will join the World Entrepreneurship Forum so that together we can build a future with no limits.

The 3 key highlights:

  • Plenary Conferences and workshops to understand and construct tomorrow’s business:

• A Lesson in Bravery and Inspiration: Exceptional people present their professional journey and their infinite vision.

• The Art and Practice of Pitching 3:0: 5 start-ups will present their business plans to a panel of 7 investors and an audience to raise funds and obtain financing: it’s WEFO’s very own Crowd’s Den. 

• Workshops of the Future (Cities of Tomorrow, Learning in the Future, Living and Working in the Future).

  • A celebration of 30 years of entrepreneurship at EMLYON | 1984-201430 years of entrepreneurship at EMLYON: passing down experience and sharing expectations!
  • Gala and Award Ceremony “Entrepreneurs of the World 2014”5 international figures with remarkable track records will be presented with an entrepreneurship 3.0 award.

Need more details?

Click here to access the full agenda

Want to register?

Click here to access the registration form

EMLYON’s position as a founding member of the World Entrepreneurship Forum is a true reflection of the institution’s motto “Educating entrepreneurs for the world” and perfectly in line  with EMLYON’s programmes honing experiential and entrepreneurial learning methodologies.  

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