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Tuition Fees

  • €22,500 

Pricing is for the 2018 intake. Indicated tuition fees include administration fees and lifelong membership of emlyon business school forever alumni network. Extension of studies beyond the official length of the programme is subject to payment of €500 administration fees per year.

Application fees: €120

The in-company mission, for 6 months, is generally remunerated at between €1,000 and €1,300 per month, which enables the student to cover more than 50% of the training costs.



  • Campus France: discover more scholarship options available depending on your country of residence here.  
  • Possibility of bank loans at special rates.

Breaking news!

Non-French applicants for the specialised graduate programme in Quantitative Finance are now eligible to apply for a student loan from Prodigy Finance.  
Learn more on how to apply for the Prodigy Finance loan (please scroll down the page to read about the benefits and conditions).


Cost of living in Paris 

Monthly budget: example

  • Rent: €700 (approximately)
  • Transportation: €30 approx. (at student price. Regular pricing: €70) 
  • Food: €300      
  • Books, photocopies…: €40    
  • Miscellaneous (insurances, council tax, clothing…): €100   
  • Mobile Phone: prepaid phone cards start at €5 *
  • Leisure: €100  
  • Total expenses in a month: around €1300

*Available in newsstands and supermarkets 



Cost of living in Shanghai (optional semester)

Monthly budget: example: 6,500RMB (approximately 700)

  • Rent: 3000 RMB (€320)
  • Transportation: if you choose to use public transportation, 300RMB (€32)
  • Food: 1500 RMB (€160)
  • Book, photocopies…: 200RMB (€21)
  • Miscellaneous (insurances, council tax, clothing…): 1000RMB (€106)
  • Phone & Internet: 200RMB (€21)
  • Leisure: 300RMB (€32)
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