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"The objective of the specialised graduate programme in Quantitative Finance is to train top level specialists able to advance in a sector characterised by a constant change and continuous innovation. While finance seeks to meet the needs of today’s globalised modern economies, it must also face a considerable increase in risk. In order to conduct activities in this particularly complex and changing environment, formalized methods based on mathematical models have become more and more sophisticated during the last few years. They are today used on a daily basis by most financial institutions and lie, for example, behind the decision making tools that are essential in trading rooms of banks and big companies. In the context of the current crisis, they will also be needed to strengthen the future control and risk management systems.

The specialised graduate programme in Quantitative Finance meets these major transformations and is based on three key areas: knowledge of the markets and their products, knowledge of the appropriate computing techniques and knowledge of the relevant quantitative methods for this field. The unique aspect of this Master in financial engineering is to equip the students with a scientific, technical, economic and financial culture linked to practical applications. After completing this course, the graduates will be operational and at ease in a world that is competitive, selective and international.

This programme is among the best training courses of its type to be found in Europe and North America."

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