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Entrepreneurship : Global Issues & Local Opportunities

Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship

From June 18 to June 28, 2019

Total ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) : 5

  • This 2-week module is devoted to selected topics in entrepreneurship, including a variety of contexts and pedagogical approaches that will help you to develop a few skills necessary to navigate through venture creation and growth, intrapreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and other aspects of entrepreneurial phenomena.

Opportunity identification and evaluation, innovation, risk taking, team building and business planning are some of the topics we will discuss and develop inside and outside the classroom. A special emphasis will be given to European and international perspectives on entrepreneurship, through the selection of European an international cases, discussion of the entrepreneurial activity in Europe and in developing countries, and visits to a local business and a local incubator.

  • Subjects covered:

> Intrapreneurship
> Independent start-up
> International Entrepreneurship
> entrepreneurhip in Europe and abroad
> Social Entrepreneurship
> Opportunity discovery and identification

  • During this module, a special emphasis will be given to class participation and group work. Also, you will be involved in several activities designed to foster experiential learning while allowing you to make friends, discover the region, and interact with our local entrepreneurs. Most of these activities will be done in teams and will be evaluated both quantitatively (through the achievement of task goals) and qualitatively (on the basis of team reports and debriefing on each activity).
  • Assessment: class participation 40%, team activities: 30%, Individual final report:30%
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