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A triple advantage to start your management career

The co-developed curriculum of the European Master in Management programme is co-delivered by the 3 partner institutions: EMLYON Business School, Ludwig Maximilians Universität (LMU) and Aston Business School, fully reflecting the complexity of today’s global business life. So what benefit does this bring to students of the European Master in Management?

Learn from three world-leading faculties

Taught by three of Europe’s leading institutions in management education, a team of professors from the three institutions come to EMLYON Business School in the first year to teach fundamental management courses, providing a unique perspective on European management. In the second year, students will have the chance to specialise in their topic of choice, taught by the leading European institution for that specialism. Choose between Corporate Finance at EMLYON Business School in France, Organisation, Change & Strategy at LMU, Munich or Marketing at Aston Business School in the UK.

Gain a triple European perspective to management

The European Master in Management offers you a truly unique approach to learning. By gaining three outlooks on subject matters, situations and processes, you will learn how to successfully navigate different business environments and work with people from different backgrounds: circumstances which you will undoubtedly encounter during your career in global business.

Study in up to 4 countries

The European Master in Management gives you the opportunity to study at both EMLYON’s France and Asian campus in Shanghai, as well as complete two internships anywhere in the world, outside of your home country. Studying, working and living in up to 4 countries in a 2 year span is the ideal jump-start for a career in international management.

Broaden your horizons with a diverse cohort

Your learning experience will be enriched by the diversity of your fellow students, as well as the cultural, academic and professional diversity of the campus. 20 nationalities are represented in the current class of 2013-2015, with 80% of students being non-French nationals. The opportunity to understand different perceptions and gain a thorough understanding of cultural characteristics is undoubtedly essential for your future career.

The programme has been instrumental to my career achievements since I enrolled in 2012. I would never have imagined having direct access to the job markets of three of the most powerful EU countries: France, Germany and the UK.” Katerina Kanteraki, 2014 Graduate.

Discover the Programme

5 reasons to choose the programme:

  • A triple Master’s degree based in France, Germany and the UK
  • The opportunity to develop general management skills and specialise in a key business area
  • The chance to live and study in up to 4 countries
  • A world-class faculty totalling 300 experts from 3 leading institutions
  • The combined strength of 3 networks: 30,000 alumni, 1,000 partner firms and a joint integrated career service

Discover the Programme

If you want to take the next step and join the Class of 2014 starting this September, download the Programme Brochure here.

Selection sessions for the European Master in Management run until July 2014. Find out more about the Application Process here.

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