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Classes & Teaching Methods

  • The first year provides you with a broad foundation of management knowledge, insights and skills. For each of these fundamental courses, you benefit from the joint expertise of the three institutions’ faculties, as a team of professors from emlyon business school, LMU and LUMS provide a unique vision from both cultures. This gives you a broader perspective of global business, helping you develop the capacity to adapt in your future international career.


  • The second year represents the opportunity for you to specialise:

- Strategy & Change at Ludwig Maximilian Universität
- or Corporate Finance  at emlyon business school. If you want to follow the Corporate Finance track at emlyon business school you also have the possibility to study this specialisation on emlyon business school’s Shanghai Campus.
- or Corporate Development  at Lancaster University Management School
- or Marketing at emlyon business school or at Lancaster University Management School


  • This Master's degree allows you to develop solid relationships with the business world by:

- Fostering an ongoing exchange with experts in entrepreneurship management and consulting.
- Providing you with hands-on experience with two internships.
- Helping you apply management concepts to a specific company issue with business games.
- Preparing you to be a good team player with case studies.


"Working with tight schedule with people from different cultures was the best learning experience I could get. Obviously the excellent teaching from the different teachers made my experience a memorable one. I met a lot of brilliant people. They were overall excellent and passionate about their topics. I have clearly deepened my knowledge of theories of the business world." - Pierre Etienne M., 2011 Graduate of the MSc in Management - European Triple Degree, Business Controller at H&M  in Stockholm


Msc in Management - European Triple Degree - Grande Ecole Faculty: learn from the best

Some examples of the emlyon business school staff:

- Ignasi Marti-Lanuza, Professor of "Entrepreneurs For The World"
- Pascal Langevin, Professor of  "Management Accounting"
- Bruno Versaevel, Professor of "Managerial Economics" 
- Yan Alperovych, Professor of "Corporate Financial Management" 
- Zied Guedri, Professor of "Business Game" 
- Fabienne Autier, Professor of "Human Resources Management"

Some examples of the Munich School of Management (LMU) staff:

- Manfred Schwaiger, Dean of Studies, LMU School of Management and Professor of "Market Research"
- Tobias Kretschmer, Professor of "Managerial Economics"
- Patricia Klarner, Professor of "Leadership Development"
- Ralf Elsas, Professor of "Corporate Financial Management"
- Anton Meyer, Professor of "Marketing Management"

Some examples of the Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) staff:

- Duncan Angwin, Professor of "Strategic Management"
- Alfredo De Massis, Professor & Director of "Family Business"
- Martin Friesl, Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in "Strategic Management"
- Sascha Walter, Professor of "Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Innovation"
- Allan Discua Cruz, Lecturer in "Family Business, Entrepreneurship & Social Context of Entrepreneurship"

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