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€20,000 per year
Pricing is for the academic year of the 2019 intake. Indicated tuition fees include enrolment fees and lifelong membership of emlyon business school forever alumni network. Extension of studies beyond the official length of the master is subject to payment of €500 administration fees per year.

As socially responsible organisations, emlyon business school, LMU Munich and Lancaster University Management School help students to finance their programme by offering up to 40% scholarships to qualifying students. These scholarships are limited in number, so we advise you to contact us as soon as possible to discuss your eligibility.


Applying for a Scholarship

We are committed to investing in tomorrow’s entrepreneurial leaders by helping qualified students to further their education. To download the Scholarship Policy information, create your Personal Space or log into your Dashboard.




Cost of living : Preparing your budget

Monthly budget in Lyon: example

Total expenses in a month: around €920      

  • Rent: €400
  • Transportation: €28.10 (at student price. Regular pricing: €56.20)  
  • Food: €250   
  • Books, photocopies…: €40
  • Miscellaneous (insurances, council tax, clothing…): €100      
  • Mobile Phone: prepaid phone cards start at €5 *
  • Leisure: €100 

*Available in newsstands and supermarkets



Monthly budget in Munich: example

Total expenses in a month:  around €950

  • Accommodation: €450
  • Food: €250
  • Transportation: €50
  • Leisure: €100
  • Phone and Internet: prepaid phones start at €20 per month/prepaid phone cards start at €5
  • Miscellaneous (council tax, insurances, clothing…): €100

For more information, visit the Munich Tourist Office website.



Cost of living in Lancaster

The cost of living in Lancaster is very competitive and students can choose to live here in our award winning campus accommodation or in Lancaster city itself through our approved Lancaster University accommodation options where students can search the latest Lancaster University approved properties according to the students’ own requirements e.g. budget per person per week, living arrangements, type of accommodation, bills included.



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