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Meet Antoine Joly-Battaglini, 2014 graduate of the MSc in Management - European Triple Degree – Grande Ecole

Antoine Joly-Battaglini is not only a graduate from the European Triple Degree, he is also the cofounder and CEO of mymicrogravity and co-organizer of the Paris Space Edition Startup Weekend. He shares his experience with us from his decision to join the programme after his bachelor’s degree back in 2012 to his professional and entrepreneurial adventure since he graduated in 2014.

What were the highlights of your experience during the MSc in Management - European Triple Degree?
When I started the European Triple Degree, I was just coming out of a Bachelor in fundamental physics, very far from any type of business.
I had everything to learn about business and the first year provided me with this highlight on various topics. I have always been in international communities and this master was a continuity. We could feed ourselves with all those different mind-sets and ways of working.
The second year, I chose to go to LMU in Munich as I was definitely interested in innovation and wanted to have an entrepreneurial course. I almost built a startup from the project we had worked on in our second year. I liked the practical approach we had in the courses and the links with companies.
My internships proved to be a success as well. I entered Airbus Defence & Space for my first internship and then worked for them in parallel with my second year to finish a project. I did my master thesis with them.

Where are you now? Tell us about your first job after the programme.
My first job after the European Triple Degree was a VIE mission at Airbus Defence & Space. In the continuity of my previous work at Airbus during my internships, I was a Business Innovation Manager. I was in charge of developing creativity rooms on different sites and animating them to stimulate innovation.
I was also working on an internal innovation programme. We organised internal startup weekends with ideas coming from all the employees. The best projects were then supported during 8 months to benefit from an accelerated development.
After one year, I left Airbus to launch my startup in the space industry: Mymicrogravity. This is what keeps me busy at the moment!

Could you tell us more about the start-up weekend you organised in Paris last November? How are you involved in that project?

I am an entrepreneur and I love to share the entrepreneurial spirit with others. Startup weekends are events that start on Friday evening and end on Sunday evening where people are invited to present an idea to participants, convince them to select their idea and then form an idea around it. They then have 54 hours to work on it and pitch it to a jury.
We decided to create an event dedicated to space. The industry is being disrupted by new actors, in particular in the USA and we wanted to show to everyone in France that you can do a lot of things related to space and that everything still needs to be invented in that field.

I was one of the two leaders of a team that put this event together in only a few months. The team was created at a hackaton event organised by the French space agency (CNES) 5 months ago. I had already participated in Startup Weekends, I was in contact with sponsors and gathered a great jury and so we jumped-in and did it. As a result, CNES and ESA are now asking us to repeat this event next year!

What advice would you give to future students of the programme?
Never hesitate to ask for things, the worst case scenario will be that the answer is no. No one will blame you for asking. In other words, be pro-active in your life and your career. If you don’t like your work during your internship, do it but ask to be involved in something else. When you’re finished with your work, don’t hide behind your desk, ask for more! Be an entrepreneur or an “intrapreneur” and help improve things at school and at work. Learn to listen even if you have the impression that your bosses are “out-dated”, you can learn tons from them.

Which key words would you associate with the MSc in Management - European Triple Degree?
“International”, “Entrepreneurial”, “Demanding” and “Fun”.

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