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Back to News 10/07/2014

Sagar Shelat – European Master in Management student interning in the United Arab Emirates

I am Sagar from India and I joined the European Master in Management at the age of 19. I have a previous experience in auditing and a Bachelor of Accounting. I also have a professional degree from the UK (CISI - Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment) and another one from India (ICAI - Institute of Chartered Accountants of India). I joined the European Master in Management as I wanted to add value to my current professional and personal experience as well as discover the global aspect of the programme and new opportunities.

  • How are you applying what you have learned so far in the programme to your current internship?

I had heard that people who don’t speak French couldn’t find an internship in France. I can now prove differently. Although I only took part in a French course that taught me the basics of the language, I still managed to successfully secure an internship in a French company named Prezioso Technilor as Cost Controller in Vienne, France.

I have been applying the skill set gained in management accounting classes and the overall group work dynamics I learned. These skills helped me adapt easily to my new environment.

Thanks to my hard work and the knowledge gained from the classes I took, I was quickly trained on the concepts and description of my work. I was therefore promoted from intern to full time Cost Controller in the company’s subsidiary named Prezioso Emdad in the United Arab Emirates.Currently my internship is like a job where I have to report to the QBR with detailed reforecast of the whole Business Unit. I also work directly with the Project and General Managers on project reviews in order to report to the Head Office in France. My current internship is divided into 2 countries, on 2 different continents, and I work with 2 different companies in a diverse environment. I secured this internship through EMLYON’s iCareers platform and benefitted from a lot of support from the Careers Services Team.

  • What specialisation track did you choose for your second year in the programme and why?

It was really tough for me to choose my specialisation, but in the end I decided to follow the Finance track taking place at EMLYON Business School. The variety of course options ranging from Derivatives to Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurial Finance and Hedging, and the fact that I can select the courses I prefer are the reasons why I chose this specialisation track.

  • What advice would you give to the incoming students?

The European Master in Management is more than just a series of courses. Enjoy and live every moment as if it were the last day. You will find lifetime friends and develop your network. A simple advice is to take full advantage of this wonderful programme for its diversity, values and commitment.

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