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Back to News 24/09/2014

Welcome to Campus European Master in Management students!

The official opening ceremony of the European Master in Management  took place on Monday September 1st 2014 on EMLYON’s European Campus, marking the start of the students’ journey in the programme! 

Coming from many different backgrounds and origins, the European Master in Management students all aim for an international career in a global business environment. This year the class includes students from Belgium, Canada, China, Colombia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Morocco, the Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, the UK and the USA.

The new intake started classes shortly after their welcoming ceremony. The first few days were dedicated to team building activities and business games. For example, the students got together in teams of ten and had one hour to come up with a new product and a business plan to commercialise it. They also played card games where each team had its own set of rules. Whenever a member of a team was told to switch groups, he or she had to face new rules, understand them and accept them. This particular team building activity aimed to have students understand the complexity of business cultures and the importance to adapt to different environments.

We wish all the best to the new students of the European Master in Management!

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