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Ambitious and motivated graduates from around the globe!

This program welcomes graduates from engineering schools, management schools and universities. Depending on your profile, you may need to acquire firstly by elearning some fundamentals. It is important that you have a clear comprehension of the finance sector and activities to be able to develop and implement your professional project over the 18-months program.

For students interested in the Quantitative Finance & Data Analytics specialization, a strong background or ability to acquire techniques in a few weeks in mathematics, computer science, physics and/or scientific courses such as econometrics, economic forecasting will be necessary.

Our admissions team is available to advise you on your profile before application.

Class profile

The current MSc in Finance cohort (that is related to a shorter version of the upcoming September 2019 program) lead you to project your environment with a diversity of profiles and background. Of course, in the specialization phase that represents the majority of your academic time, you will interact with students with similar profiles and targets.

  • 20 nationalities: Algeria, Austria, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, China, Colombia, Congo, France, Germany, Italy, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mexico, Mauritania, Morocco, Salvador, Senegal, Spain, the UK
  • 30 % international students
  • average age : 24
  • 38 % female
  • background : 69 % economics/business/management - 20 % sciences (including mathematics) - 11% law

Admission process

The first step of the admission process is your online application, which you can access through your personal space (programme dashboard).

  • Selection sessions run from November to August.

You can find the key dates for all application sessions on your personal account.

Should your application be complete, you will receive the admission board’s final decision within 15 working days. Please send back your enrolment form within 10 working days after your admission results.


Admission is based on the following elements:

  • A minimum bachelor’s degree  is required. Most of the class has a master degree but bachelor's degree may be accepted for excellent profiles, including French Bac +3
  • Official Management Aptitude Test Score: GMAT, GRE, TAGE MAGE, CAT (optional - more information can be found on the FAQ document)
  • English Proficiency test (optional)

The program will offer a choice of courses in French or English for the first semester. Most specializations are delivered in English upon the second semester. Therefore, English full proficiency target will be expected rapidly for you to be admitted, follow courses and efficiently interact with the other members of the cohort. With the Admission Process, your English level will be evaluated taking into consideration:

- The examination of written elements within the application file
- The Video Interview
- Potential Face to face or Skype interview, if the Admission Board requires it.

Video exercise

While filling out your application, you will be asked to record a video of yourself using an online platform. Your video will be submitted to the jury directly. 
 The video complements your online application and aims to increase understanding of what your motivations and career objectives are, and discover more about your early makers potential, insights and experience.

Application fees

Applications fees for the 2019 intake : €120

Meet us

  • You wish to arrange a visit of the campus, meet current participants and school representatives? Make an appointment with Andreu Ore Catala and discuss your career plan with him.
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