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Meet Morgan, current student of the Specialised Programme in Quantitative Finance

"I am a graduate from the general engineering school "Les Mines", currently student of emlyon business school's Specialised Programme in Quantitative Finance. I decided to take this Specialised Programme for a simple reason, I have always been fascinated by finance, but I haven't had the opportunity to get to study in this field. Moreover, I really enjoy living at a high pace, which is totally provided by this programme.

Thanks to emlyonbusiness school, and how they prepare us, I had different interviews in the best banks worldwide (HSBC, Barclays, Rothschild, BNP) but I am still looking for my dream job.

If I have a piece of advice to give to someone who is considering  applying for this Specialised Programme in Quantitative Finance at emlyon business school, it would be the following: prepare to be surrounded by the best teachers, by the best students, in the best environment you can hope for!"

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