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Meet Charles, future MSc in International Hospitality Management student

Tell us a bit about your background.
I was born in France of French parents who moved to New Orleans when I was three years old. Growing up, our family prepared elaborate feasts for our Franco-American friends who'd never been recieved like so. I studied political communication and theater arts at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and have been working in French restaurants since I was 16. My passions are cooking, mixology, guitar, and film production.

Why did you decide to join the program?
I have family roots in Lyon and love the concept behind the double degree. After I visited the school, I thought it was prestigious without being pretentious.

What do you expect from the program?
Friendship and connections come first for me. In this business, it's who you know that matters most. Also, I'm expecting to strengthen my language skills and be able to get a job anywhere in the world. 

Three words to describe yourself:
I'm multi-cultural, curious, and cooperative.  

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