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Learn to innovate in the global hospitality industry

The global hospitality industry is thriving, requiring innovative leaders to bring new ideas to this complex, dynamic industry, with an understanding of the diverse expectations of their customers across global markets. This is why Institut Paul Bocuse, a world-renowned school of hospitality management and gastronomy and EMLYON Business School – the 13th ranked Business School in Europe, jointly created the MSc in International Hospitality Management.

This Master’s program is unique because it combines the specialism of Institut Paul Bocuse in hospitality with a top European Business School EMLYON. Both schools are very strong in innovation, and equipping our students with the competencies needed to develop new concepts and offers is critical to the future of the hospitality industry”, says Jeffrey Catrett, Dean, Institut Paul Bocuse.

Focus on innovation through the program

The MSc in International Hospitality Management advocates an innovative and entrepreneurial pedagogy where students take a very active role in their own learning, through project work, teamwork, meeting industry experts and also getting the opportunity to set up their own virtual company from scratch.

A key example of this focus on innovation is the New Venture Creations Project, where students work in small teams to create a virtual hospitality company to put into practice what they have learned throughout their courses in marketing, finance and strategy.

Similarly, the Concept Design and Development Project at Institut Paul Bocuse gives students the opportunity to put their creativity into practice by learning the process of launching a new restaurant or hotel concept. The module teaches students how to take an idea for a new restaurant or hotel, which could be based on a particular cuisine, or even a mood or feeling that you want to recreate, and turn it into a fully-fledged hospitality concept that targets local tastes and has a consistent look and feel.

Two key institutions for innovation

With a mission to “Educate Entrepreneurs for the World”, EMLYON’s unique entrepreneurial teaching style equips you with the management skills, values and attitudes you’ll need to successfully navigate the variety of business models that make the global hospitality industry so unique.

Cutting-edge hospitality specialist courses industry-specific workshops and conferences take place at the Institut Paul Bocuse to provide a deeper understanding of the current hospitality landscape.  

Join the next generation of global hospitality leaders

The MSc in International Hospitality Management has been rigorously co-developed and co-designed by both institutions in order to help meet the recruitment needs of this ever-evolving and highly international industry. The expert faculty of both institutions aim to provide students with the optimum balance of theory, strategic analysis and creativity in order to provide the next generation of global hospitality leaders with the knowledge and ability to innovate:  

The MSc in International Hospitality Management, starting this August, includes a semester in Shanghai to study the specifics of Asian hospitality– a key growth sector in this industry, as well as a 4-9 month internship to gain practical industry experience.

The MSc in International Hospitality Management:

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