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Back to News 17/12/2015

MSc in Luxury Management and Marketing, Natalia shares her experience of studying in Shanghai:

What would you say about your semester in Shanghai?
My time in Shanghai was probably one, if not the best period of my student life. It was an eye opening, fun, exciting and challenging experience.

What did you learn about the Asian Luxury market during the luxury week?
 During the luxury week you truly get to acknowledge the magnitude of the Chinese purchasing power and their passion for luxury brands. But you learn more about the Asian luxury market during the whole semester, not only during the luxury week. The luxury week is like an introduction into the world of luxury.

What has been your favorite course so far in Shanghai?
 I really enjoyed the luxury retail course with Mr. Phan. It was a class that taught me not only theory but also gave me practical knowledge of the retail business that I am currently using in my internship. This course offered me a new perspective on the luxury world and inspired me even more.

Which In-Company Project have you been working on? Were you able to apply the theory learnt in class in this more practical environment?
 I worked with VIPLUX and I definitely used the theory learned in class for the in-company project. The classes were definitely very useful for the project.

Where are you currently doing your internship and how did you find it? Your feedback on your first days in the company?
I found my internship a month after classes ended. Currently I am doing tasks in areas like marketing, events, PR and sales in the company and it is very interesting as it offers me an insight into every department. During the first days at work I was very nervous, but at the same time excited to work, learn and actually apply what I studied during my master (and yes I actually did apply the things I learned).

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