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Back to News 01/09/2015

A European Bus Tour to promote CODAPPS, the world'’s first MOOC offered by EMLYON for coding mobile apps

Starting on September 23rd 2015 and spread over 8 sessions, EMLYON launches CODAPPS, the world's first MOOC for coding mobile apps. The free course is designed to bring participants from zero coding skills to the creation of native, cross platform mobile applications. It will soon be opened to everyone who wants to participate on  www.coursera.org (Pre-registration here).

To maximise the impact of the MOOC, Professor Clement Levallois (who designed the MOOC) and 6 ambassadors will be visiting 7 major European cities (Milan, Munich, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris) from August 31st to September 6th to meet local entrepreneurs and recruit local CODAPPS ambassadors. The team is hopping from one city to another by bus over the course of a week.

In each city, the bus will stop in a coworking / maker space and provide free meetings which you are all welcome to attend! 

  • During each meeting we will: 

- Present and give a taste of CODAPPS: bring your laptop, we will create an app!

- Spend time in order to get to know each other (networking and snacks!)

  • Participants who enjoyed coding the app will be invited to become CODAPPS ambassadors for their cities!
  • CODAPPS BUS TOUR: meet up from 7pm to 10pm, click on the name of your city to get a ticket :

- MILANO August 31st

-  MUNICH Sept. 1st

- PRAGUE Sept. 2nd

- BERLIN Sept. 3rd

- AMSTERDAM Sept. 4th

- PARIS Sept. 6th

If you want to register or get more information about the MOOC & the bus tour, go to :  www.codapps.io

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