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Back to News 22/07/2013

Alumnus Success Story - Pierre-Olivier Bouché, Director of Digital Content at Eurosport

Pierre-Olivier Bouché (2001 Graduate) has always loved sports. When he graduated from EMLYON Business School, he began his career as a journalist covering sports news for the website “Sport24.com”. The deal was simple: the site would give him on-the-job journalism training and he would promote the site to partners. He stayed there for 3 years, alternating between the news desk and coverage of major events (Roland Garros, Tour de France 2003, Olympics 2004 etc...).

What interests you the most in digital media?

“Speed, constant movement, nonstop changes... It's a sector driven by innovation. Today's challenges relate to video format: how does a news website transform itself through a video, where the written word only plays a complementary role? In digital media, many opportunities and new jobs have emerged. The education delivered by EMLYON Business School opens a lot of doors, because we can adapt to very different sectors. The important thing is to have a strong area of interest and enough knowledge. You also have to be willing to go for it, to not always aim for the major conventional corporations, be extremely curious, and get involved. Obviously, if you are aiming for Eurosport, it's better to like sports, especially for journalists, because it's a field full of people who are passionate and demanding. But it's less necessary for people who do online marketing, for example. As for me, I see myself working in entertainment, and I serve as an example of the fact that you can have a totally atypical career path!”

How did you arrive at Eurosport?

"I started by freelancing for websites, magazines and the mainstream press. Then, I changed jobs, joining Editions Fleurus as an editor in the youth, cooking and sports sections. At the same time, I was in charge of the company's corporate activities, publishing customised books for companies. I also stayed for 3 years, until 2008, when I was approached by Eurosport (TV channels and websites offering sports news in various countries), to work in the New Media Department as the Editorial Product Manager.

At first, I was Editorial Product Manager at Eurosport focusing on the Web and mobile platforms. My role consisted in acting as the interface between the journalists and the product teams, i.e. the people who design the sites. In 2010, I became the Content Director, which means that I supervise the various news rooms (10 in total for about 80 reporters) all around the world. My job is to select the content for the digital side; as well as setting the tone and the positioning.”

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