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Back to News 11/06/2013

Say it with roses, the challenge of a young French entrepreneur in New York

Two years ago, Louis Brunet, EMLYON Business School graduate and a young French entrepreneur decided to write his life with flowers and created a delivery company for roses in the heart of Manhattan.

At age 29, Louis Brunet is now part of the French expatriate community living in New York, excited by the energy of the city and the feeling that "everything seems possible."

It took him a week in the summer of 2010 to make the decision to create with his partner, Olivier Plusquellec,"Ode à la Rose", a delivering company operating six days a week and creating bouquets of roses in elegant luxury cardboard packaging. The idea of ​​"Ode à la Rose" was born from a simple observation: a rose in a supermarket or in a flower shop is overpriced and there are no intermediary offers in New York. Before starting up his own company, Louis Brunet did a Master of Finance at EMLYON Business School.

He started a career in finance but always had the idea of developing his own company in the United States. Louis Brunet claims that "when we came out of school, finance was fashionable and everyone made a lot of money in that area. But because of the crisis, finance suddenly stopped being a safe choice."

Both partners saw it as an opportunity. They got to know the rose market and local suppliers while creating a website and raising funds. Today, Louis Brunet has the ambition to expand his successful company outside New York and perhaps reach the national market.

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