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Back to News 09/02/2011

World Entrepreneurship Forum press conference in Singapore

The World Entrepreneurship Forum attracted considered media coverage in Asia as a result of a press conference organized on 8 February, 2011 to announce the release of its “The World of 2050” White Paper.

Participated at the press conference the founding members of the World Entrepreneurship Forum - EMLYON Business School, KPMG France, Singaporean institutions Action Committee for Entrepreneurship, and Nanyang Technological University. And the International Advisory Board of the Forum composed of international members of the Forum.

Among the recommendations of the World Entrepreneurship Forum, the creation of a global network of high-growth incubators, the use of common retail spaces aimed at BoP entrepreneurs, a dedicated accreditation system for entrepreneurship education, or the creation of a global high-growth entrepreneurship training programme for professors.

The recommendations made by 2010 Forum for the use of common retail spaces aimed at the Base of Pyramid entrepreneurs drew particular attention form the media with examples in Asia being cited.

The Executive Summary of the White Paper is available to download for free from the World Entrepreneurship Forum’s website – http://www.world-entrepreneurship-forum.com/; while the exhaustive version will be distributed to decision-makers worldwide in the coming weeks.

The conference press was also the occasion for the World Entrepreneurship Forum to remind that the 2011 edition of the Forum will be held in Singapore, from 2 to 5 november, 2011.

Press contact:
Daniela Sutan: sutan@em-lyon.com  

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