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Meet Valentina, future MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing student

Tell us a bit about your background.

I'm Valentina, I'm 24 years old and I was born in Medellín, Colombia. I spent part of my childhood in Boston in the U.S.A. I obtained my high-school diploma at Marymount high-school in Colombia and then moved to France to pursue my studies. I enrolled at l'Institut Catholique de Paris where I obtained a Diploma in contemporary economic studies. I then started my bachelor’s degree at Paris II, Panthéon-Assas where I'm currently finishing a Magister in Economics and Managerial Sciences. 
I have been an intern at different companies and in different fields since I started my undergrad, in finance and auditing at Women's and Health Alliance, in Human Resources at Celsia S.A. and in Marketing at the French Embassy in Bogotá. Marketing is definitely my favorite subject in management.

Why did you decide to join the programme?

I decided to join the MSc in Luxury Marketing and Management because I want to pursue a career in the fashion industry. I want to acquire experience in the field and in the long run, open a luxury concept store in Latin America where I will offer the best of fashion, design, decoration and gastronomy. Southern and Central American economies are growing at an incredible rate and consumption is evolving into a more sophisticated and demanding one and there are lots of opportunities to seize. 

What do you expect from the programme? 
I expect a high quality programme that will teach me the specifics of luxury management. I am very excited to join emlyon business school because its entrepreneurial focus will help me with my long term goals. Furthermore my experiences in London and Shanghai will definitely teach me everything I need to know about the fashion industry and the way it works. 

Three words to describe yourself:

I'd say passionate, committed and spontaneous.

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