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Upon completing the MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science, you will become accomplished digital marketing professionals, able to manage and innovate in a data‐rich business environment. You will be well‐prepared to work in a sales or marketing department of startups and major brands in business to consumer or business to business environments. You will also fit the requirements of advertising agencies looking for marketing professionals knowledgeable about multichannel communication, consulting firms managing the digital transformation of their clients, as well as digital media and technology companies looking for managers with a strong business background who are also familiar with their trade.

The skills developed with the program open large horizons as all companies are now challenged by data and digital disruptions.

The MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science will prepare you  for specific positions and job titles related to the program’s fields, with target positions in marketing and business updated to the digital era such as :

  • Digital marketing manager
  • Marketing product manager
  • Head of digital solutions
  • Digital project manager
  • Data analyst
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Digital analyst
  • Consultant in digital strategy
  • Consultant or project manager in digital transformation
  • Social media manager
  • Online media planner
  • Web project leader

“We want to maintain and strengthen our long collaboration with emlyon business school going forward, in particular by supporting your MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science.
One of our two founders is a graduate of the school. This connection has never wavered and has strengthened year after year. Each year we recruit several students from emlyon business school. They fit with our identity and our technical needs. We are happy with all of them. We are convinced that we will continue to develop together with emlyon business school by recruiting and training the young talents that our industry needs, both in France and internationally.”
Guillaume Floquet// Chief People Officer//1000 mercis group

“We already appreciate the excellent quality of the training courses given by emlyon business school, which is one of our main partner schools. Digitalisation has a strong impact on our vehicles and on our customers and so we are interested in integrating new competencies relating to data processing and management. We look forward to working together with you to bring closer our future recruitment plans and this new program offering.”
Guy Bravais // HR Expertise Department // Volvo Group France

“The MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science that emlyon business school meets a real need for us. Visiativ is a fast-growing business and its current challenge is to recruit young talents with a “dual competency”, business and digital, capable of bringing a real plus for our clients to support their transformation. This type of profile is not sufficiently present today and it is clearly a limiting factor for our development. The application of big data in the marketer profession is crucial and is without a doubt the field of application in which our clients most expect graduates to already be trained and operational.”
Olivier Blachon // Executive Director Business Development // Visiativ

Placement statistics

Naturally, no statistics are available relating to recent graduates as the programme is new. But you can refer to emlyon business school employability averages for our other Master’s programmes. Taking experience and historical data into account, you could reasonably expect:

  • employment rates of 90% within 6 months
  • a minimum average salary of €40/45k based on graduate salaries over the last few years for our MSc in programs
  • geographic location : worldwide, with generally 70 % in France for the first job upon graduation, mostly in Paris

Among emlyon business school recruiters

Main emlyon business school recruiters:

Examples of companies that are already collaborating in digital marketing & data courses  at emlyon business school and recruiting students, in addition with other global firms: Criteo, 1000Mercis, Converteo, Amazon, IBM, Google, TF1, Facebook, Orange, CapGemini, GE, SaintGobain, Hilti, AXA, Microsoft…

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