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Wellness Day and a Luxury Day: Discover what Nadine S. has to say!

See what Nadine S. current student of the MSc in Luxury Management and Marketing programme has to say about the Wellness and Luxury Days:

"During the wellness day, I had the chance to discover COTY (a group that I never knew about before). I attended the group presentation, and listened to the business representative. Even though I’m not interested in cosmetic and perfume industries, it was a chance for me to know more about the industry and know what the employers are looking for in the candidate’s profile. 

Regarding the Luxury Day, it was a pleasure for me to meet with the LVMH team; especially since LVMH is my top employer. I attended the group’s presentation, and it was really interesting to get to know more about one of the leaders of the luxury industry, the industry overall, and to learn more about some brands that belong to the group.

The Q&A part was useful as everyone had the chance to share questions. The questions were about some experts professional tips, detailed past experiences of the representatives etc. I had the opportunity to meet and exchange with real business representatives and develop my professional network. First, I met a representative of the Jewelry & Watches house of LVMH. I exchanged with her about my experience in designing jewelry and accessories, about my courses at EMLYON, about my program and my travel experiences to London and Shanghai. Then, she took some information about me and scanned my CV. 

Moreover, I had the chance to meet with the representative of Christian Dior Couture, and discuss with her about my future career project. I asked for the internships and job opportunities they offer, about the mobility in the luxury and fashion industry, and the importance to know foreign languages. It was a very interactive meeting where the luxury atmosphere prevailed in the room and gave a feeling of being in the LVMH offices".

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