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Meet Michel Phan, Director of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing

Michel Phan is an expert in luxury marketing with extensive international academic and professional experiences in the luxury industry, across all sectors. He is also the director of emlyon business school’s MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing. In this interview, he explains why this program is so unique, what students will gain from it and why this course is so relevant in the market nowadays.

Can you tell us briefly about the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing? Why do you think there’s a need for such a program? Who is ideally suited to take this course?
The MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing at emlyon business school is a 16-month program that includes 10 months of coursework, 4 to 6 months of internship and a Master Dissertation. During the 10-month of coursework, students will be studying in 3 different cities, well-known for luxury consumption and production: Paris, London or New York, and Shanghai. After that, students will start their internship in a luxury company, anywhere in the world. Finally they will have to complete their Master Dissertation to be eligible to graduate.
Our program equips the students with the right skills and knowledge so they can be efficient managers in the luxury industry. The feedback we have got from luxury companies about our graduates is that they are efficient and know what they have to do right from the first day in the job.
To be eligible to enter this program, candidates must be really motivated by the luxury industry, must master the English language perfectly (oral, writing and comprehension), have something unique about them and finally are willing to work and study hard to succeed. 

What will the students gain from enrolling in this program? 
Students in our MSc in Luxury Management and Marketing will gain in-depth knowledge of the luxury industry, valuable and necessary skills to be a responsible and efficient manager, be able to think outside the box and be agile, and be able to deal with challenges and overcome them. In addition, they will have many opportunities to develop their network within the industry through company presentations, seminars, and events organized for them.

How is this particular program different from others that the candidates might consider? 
Our MSc in Luxury Management and Marketing is unique on the market. It offers our students the opportunity to study and live in 3 major luxury capitals of the world. It also gives them the opportunity to study in one of our prestigious partner-schools: London College of Fashion or Parsons School of Design in New York. It will be a 360 degrees learning experience for our students, inside and outside the classrooms. Throughout the program, they will meet with experts, professionals, academics and alumni who will help them gain a better understanding of the luxury industry.

Will there be any industry leaders and practitioners who will be teaching? 
The courses in the program are taught by academics, professionals and experts of the luxury industry. The knowledge the students will get is both useful for their future career and fulfilling intellectually

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