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Lyon-Ecully Campus

Located in pleasant surroundings only 15 minutes from the centre of Lyon, emlyon business school combines the advantages of a large metropolis with those of a campus in countryside-like surroundings. The modern buildings located in a large 6-acre park are equipped with the latest technologies.

On-site services you will have access to:

  • Online virtual campus for access to all course materials
  • Full wifi access on campus
  •  Media library with more than 32 000 references, 8 000 newspapers and 25 databases
  •  Language Centre, giving free access to international students who want to learn French
  •  Trading Room

With the help of its historic partner, Société Lyonnaise de Banque, in 2001 the school inaugurated a trading room that gives all its students direct access to stock market prices and lets them check trade papers every day, apply their financial knowledge, stay informed about the latest news and experiment! And what’s more, the data processing software enables students to make real-time financial-management simulations.
The student association “Transaction” now directly manages emlyon business school student access to this facility.

Sport facilities

Over 30 individual and team sports are on offer to relax and have fun or for training and inter-university competitions. The campus features a gymnasium (Building D) for handball, basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, table tennis, fencing, step aerobics, stretching etc, two outdoor tennis courts, a beach volley court, a mini outdoor football field, a dance studio, combat-sports gym and a weightlifting room.
Outside of the campus, students can find two football fields, a rugby field, a swimming pool, a horseback riding club, a golf course, a climbing gym, a sailing club, a rowing club, ski resorts, jogging trails around the campus and more.

  • 2 on-campus housing facilities

Campus Address
23 Avenue Guy de Collongue

Tél : +33 (0)4 78 33 78 00
Fax : +33 (0)4 78 33 61 69

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