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Digging deeper into the mind of an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is taught in many ways throughout the world and many institutions “shape raw material, to bring out and hone potential” claims Matt Symonds, chief editor of MBA50.com, a website dedicated to the world’s outstanding business schools, in an article published in Bloomberg Businessweek in January 2013.  Symonds continues by asking a daunting question for passionate students striving to become future entrepreneurs: “How does one know if he or she has potential to be an entrepreneur?”  Is entrepreneurship something we learn or something we possess as an intrinsic skill?

Putting Pablo Martin de Holan at the center of discussion, Symonds explains how the Programme Director of the Global Entrepreneurship Program goes further in his teaching approaches thanks to his studies on “neuroentrepreneurship”. By using the tools of neuroscience, de Holan wants to understand how entrepreneurs work, think as well as the mechanisms happening inside their brains. Although this might not determine who has potential of becoming an entrepreneur and who doesn’t, it gives institutions a clear view of “what can be taught and what is either hard-wired or simply absent” continues Symonds. Digging deeper into the subject, de Holan refers to the importance of having an “entrepreneurial attitude”, an attitude with the power to challenge common assumptions, dive into new ideas and view the world differently using the tools they will be given in class.

Do you believe in your entrepreneurial attitude?

To find out more about the Global Entrepreneurship and Programme Director Pablo Martin de Holan, please follow this link:

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