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Back to News 16/07/2013

International MBA company visit: Diving into the Microsoft experience

On June 14th, half of the International MBA class visited the Microsoft offices in Paris. The idea of this visit was to get a sense of the daily life in a company as renowned as Microsoft, to identify job opportunities and to expand participants’ network.

Prior to the visit participants were asked which subject they wanted to focus on in order to have a tailor-made presentation. As a result, Céline Lamy from the Microsoft Education Team started with a tour of the “Explorer”, the digital Microsoft apartment – which could be described as the “home of the future” and continued with an exclusive visit of the “Immersive Classroom” of Microsoft’s Education Space. This classroom is a model fully-equipped with the latest technology.

Those company visits are a unique opportunity to discover job opportunities. Hélène Barbarosa, Campus Manager and Employer Branding at Microsoft, presented the HR strategy, the professional profiles Microsoft is looking for and their MBA development programs. She also focused on the HR recruiting policy and the type of MBA profiles Microsoft is in search of (both French and International with a professional and personal background that fit the company’s expectations).

Following Hélène Barbarosa’s conference, Elizabeth Champonnois, Partner Account Manager for the Education and Public sector segment, shared her experience. As a US citizen, with a career at Microsoft focused on Sales, Marketing and Project Management, Elizabeth described her everyday life at Microsoft and gave insights about the Microsoft strategy and the latest innovations. She also showcased how Microsoft develops strong and sustainable relationships with its partners.

For Marc Pérennès, Head of the Careers Services, “Visiting the Microsoft offices was a great opportunity. Usually companies are coming on campus to meet our International MBA participants. This time, we decided to visit the company to make the experience more tangible, to get closer to the world of Microsoft and to sense what staff members experience on a daily basis. We definitely felt the emulation of the sales team as they are completing an intensive period of the year."

For the participants, it was also a valuable experience. Drazen L. - a Canadian, Bosnian, and Croatian participant– says “the trip to the Microsoft Technology Center in Paris was valuable because it allowed me to analyse an organisation after having completed MBA courses, and it gave me the opportunity to establish a few new contacts in an industry out of my professional scope. I learned a lot on that trip and I think it is something that other MBA classes should repeat.”

An experience which will definitely be renewed!

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