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Neuroscience and Entrepreneurship

Pablo Martin de Holan is a Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship for EMLYON Business School's International MBA among other programmes and the Programme Director of the Global Entrepreneurship Program.

A large part of his research focuses on neuroentrepreneurship. According to Pablo Martin de Holan neuroscience and the entrepreneurial mindset are intrinsically linked as “we can use the tools of neuroscience to better understand how the brain of entrepreneurs work, and as a corollary, whether you might possess an entrepreneurial brain yourself” (Bloomberg Businessweek article “Unlocking the B-School Entrepreneur Within”).

In one of his articles titled “Are entrepreneurs’ Brains Wired Differently?” recently published by Sage Publications and mentioned in one of the latest reviews of Management Ink, Professor Martin de Holan highlights the question “Is entrepreneurial drive a manifestation of brain pathology?”  Fascinated by what goes on in an entrepreneur’s mind, he argues through this scholar article that “neuroscience can be beneficial to entrepreneurship scholarship in allowing us to understand many facets of the practice of enterprising.”

Another important part of Pablo Martin de Holan’s research explores the different dimensions of knowledge creation in organizations, and the relation between them and sustainable competitive advantage. Following this line of research, Pablo Martin de Holan along with three other scholars saw their article “The Danger of Disgruntled Ex-Employees” published by renowned MIT Sloan Management Review. Taking as premise that “being sensitive to employee morale issues will pay off”, the four scholars describe the four steps employers should take in order to prevent employees from feeling mistreated and wanting to strike back.

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