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Back to News 11/02/2013

Hospitality Luxury Workshop at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne

During one week (from February 4 to February 8, 2013), MSc in Luxury students attended a workshop about Hospitality in the luxury industry.

As Samad Laaroussi, Professor of Marketing and Research Associate at Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne says “Unlike consumer product, luxury hotels and restaurants are pure experiential consumption that calls for specific management and service approaches. Through these four days of workshops, students will be exposed to the specificities of luxury hotels and restaurants through its economic structure, its historical tradition of highly personalised service, culture of excellence and finally how to maintain historical roots while adopting modern tools of management and communication.”

Students took four different modules:

  • Introduction to the Luxury Hotel Sector
  • Global aspects of luxury food and beverages products
  • Customer experience in Luxury hospitality
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media monitoring in the Luxury industry

After their time in Europe, students will spend a semester in Shanghai, China, to experience the Asian luxury business environment.

Asia plays a key role in the luxury industry. Those who choose to work in the luxury sector undoubtedly work with or for Asian-based companies, work on projects involving the Asian business environment, supply from or to the region, or compete against Asian organisations. Learning how to master the business dynamics in this region is essential to your future success in the luxury industry.

If you want to  know more about the programme, check your eligibility and discuss with us about your future projects, please contact Nathalie Seux (seux@em-lyon.com) or Veronica Pollio (pollio@em-lyon.com).


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